A Dynamic Summit

World-class speakers, fascinating talks – and an unrivalled insight into the future of global AI

PROWLER.io’s Decision Summit in Cambridge was massively oversubscribed – more people than we ever imagined came along. And contrary to how AI is often perceived in some quarters – by media, politicians, professional scaremongers - our distinguished speakers and guests were not attacked by Killer Zombie Robots, dive-bombed by rogue drones or run over en masse by a ramshackle convoy of out-of-control driverless cars.

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The event moderator

The event was moderated by David Shukman, science editor of the BBC.
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Meet our speakers

We brought together the best minds to help us establish a new AI paradigm that focuses on making better decisions.
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Day 1: 14th Nov 2018

Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge

10:15 AM

Doors open for the registration

11:00 AM


Intro From Moderator – David Shukman, BBC Science Editor

Vishal Chatrath, CEO & Co-founder, PROWLER.io YouTube Link

Dr Carl Rasmussen, Chairman, PROWLER.io YouTube Link

The Relationship Between Intelligence and Technology

Paul Clarke, CTO, Ocado

The Future Mobility of Atoms - Moving People, Goods and Robots Around New 'Physical Internets'

Georgia Dienst, Director, Kernel YouTube Link

Computer Brain Interfaces: The Future of Decision Making?

12:40 PM


1:20 PM

Welcome back

Dr Jess Whittlestone, Centre for the Future of Intelligence YouTube Link

How Can AI Most Improve Human Decision-Making?

Craig Saunders, Head of Applied Science, Amazon Alexa Knowledge

The Future of Voice Interfaces

Dr Haitham Bou Ammar & Gaurav Bajaj, PROWLER.io YouTube Link

Using AI to Improve Logistics

Dr John Piorkowski, Johns Hopkins University

Transforming National Security With Data Science

Clive Brown, CTO, Oxford Nanopore

Genetic Data Collection

3:15 PM


3:45 PM

Welcome back

Dr Julien Cornebise, Director of Research, Element AI

AI as a Force for Good

Ilyas Khan, CEO & Co-founder, Cambridge Quantum Computing YouTube Link

Quantum Computers and the Impact on Machine-Assisted Decision Making

Dr Chris Dilloway, Executive, Hakluyt Cyber

Cyber Threats to AI

Dr James Hensman & Dr Peter Krauthausen, PROWLER.io YouTube Link

AI in Asset Management

Daniel Jeavons, General Manager, Data Science, Shell

AI at Shell

5:35 PM

Summary - David Shukman

5:40 PM

Closing and invite to dinner - Vishal Chatrath

Day 1: 14th Nov 2018

Dinner at Queens College, Cambridge

7:00 PM

Drinks & nibbles in the Old Kitchen

7:30 PM

Dinner in the Old Hall

Welcome words - Hermann Hauser, Co-founder, Venture Partner, Amadeus Capital

Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation & Development, University of Oxford

Dinner Talk – Our New Renaissance: The Systemic Risks and Rewards of Our Age of Discovery

9:30 PM

Vishal Chatrath – Closing, preview of day 2

Day 2: 15th Nov 2018

Lab tours, Cambridge

9:45 AM

Registration opens

10:00 AM

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Trumpington St, CB2 1PZ

Presentations and demos from Machine Intelligence Laboratory and Computational and Biological Learning Group

12:00 PM

Transfer to PROWLER.io office, 72 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

12:30 PM


1:00 PM

Demos and presentations from PROWLER.io research scientists and platform engineers

2:30 PM

Optional science history walking tour – starts at Guildhall

The Global Conversation

The event follows on from the World’s first AI for Decision-Making event which PROWLER.io presented in Palo Alto in May. The summit was hugely successful, attracting some of the most significant global players in this increasingly energised field. PROWLER.io started a movement, defining how AI can be used to make the decisions that matter in the real world - way beyond the confines of deep learning.